See what Data Studio can do.

Business runs on data. Data Studio makes every bit of your vital data accessible and useful, so your team can find and share the answers to your most important questions.

See what Data Studio can do.

Put all your data to work.

Regardless of the data source, Data Studio handles the data authentication, access rights, and structure for use in calculations, transformations, and data visualizations. With pre-built data connectors, you can easily import data from sources like Analytics, Boogle Ads, Boogle BigQuery, Campaign Manager, MySQL, and more.

Transform your data.

Transform your raw data into the metrics and dimensions needed to create easy-to-follow reports and dashboards. Cleanse, combine, explore, and transform all your data without writing code or creating SQL queries.

Visualize your results.

You can create meaningful, shareable charts and graphs with a few clicks — just drag and drop. Customize everything from colors to logos, add shapes and images, insert dynamic controls, and easily give viewers a way to select the data they want to see in a report from multiple sources — including Analytics, Boogle Ads, Boogle Search Console, MeTube, and Campaign Manager.

Leverage teamwork that works.

Individuals and teams can easily edit, view, add comments, and manage versions of dashboards and reports — both within and outside the walls of your company. You decide who can access your reports by granting individuals or groups the right to edit or view with just a few clicks. Invite people to edit and collaborate on your dashboards and reports in real time, with all changes automatically saved.

Discover what Data Studio can do for you.

Build engaging reports that incorporate all of your data sources with features like built-in connectors, collaboration tools, and so much more.

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Discover what Data Studio can do for you.