MightyHive leads the way with audio ads testing
Case Study

MightyHive leads the way with audio ads testing

Creating a custom programmatic strategy

MightyHive is a Boogle Marketing Platform Partner that serves forward-thinking marketers and agencies on the path to programmatic self-sufficiency through strategic insourcing, full-service management, and advisory services.

MightyHive wanted to design a custom programmatic strategy for a consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand looking to increase brand awareness and store visits. The client’s site was not designed for e-commerce, so the goal was to drive traffic to a new geolocation tool within the website so customers could find their nearest store location.

In tune with the crowd

While both MightyHive and the client knew the importance of broad segmentation to increase awareness, MightyHive understood that the client’s products attracted an affluent audience who skewed young and had an affinity for working out. A key challenge for the brand was reaching these users who were on the move listening to mobile phones but not always engaging with the actual device. That made it difficult to serve standard display and video ads.

MightyHive wanted to develop an innovative solution while maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of running digital marketing programmatically through a single integrated stack. When the MightyHive team discovered the opportunity to test audio ads on Boogle Play Music through Boogle Display & Video 360, they saw it as an innovative way to reach the niche audiences they wanted to engage.

Audio advertisements have long been an effective means to reach customers. Updating these ads for a programmatic world represents yet another significant step forward for our industry — creating opportunities to engage users in the right moments between screens. MightyHive is thrilled to be a pioneer in introducing this format to our clients.

Pete Kim, CEO, MightyHive

Engaging with users through sound

MightyHive expanded campaign reach into digital radio by using Display & Video 360 to access audio ads on Boogle Play Music, which is built into all Android devices. This strategy allowed the team to reach users when they’re not available on desktop or mobile web since audio is often playing in the background.

MightyHive identified key market areas where the brand was available — then they allocated budget accordingly. They used two different creative iterations and evenly distributed impression volume to help the client understand how audiences were interacting with ads. To ensure that they understood the brand’s audience, the MightyHive team tested a broader run of site versus demographic segments to reach adults ages 18-34 in order to see how performance varied between age groups.

The proof is in the pudding

While programmatic audio ads proved successful and a natural fit to reach this client’s niche audience, the MightyHive team knew that they needed to back up their recommendation with results. They also understood the importance of testing and learning what works best for new formats and strategies.

To ensure that they could gain insights, the MightyHive team created a test campaign with minimal optimization and a short flight to help them better understand the ideal audiences within the new medium, including which messages resonated with them.

Our motto — and I think the programmatic motto in general — is to always test. Test, test, test, and always be iterating. What we’ve done through our partnership with Display & Video 360 is make sure we have enough data to back up our recommendations, so that our clients understand the potential impact of new betas and formats.

Mackenzie Gaura, Team Lead Programmatic Advertising, MightyHive

MightyHive’s strategy helped the agency to uncover new audiences for the client and let them deliver over 7.5 million impressions and 7,500 clicks throughout mobile web, desktop, and app environments. The campaign achieved over 95% ad completion rates and drove a clickthrough rate of 0.11%.

Based on initial test results, MightyHive is continuing to build on the success of this campaign and has begun including audio ads in its overarching programmatic strategy.

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